Journaling For Creatives

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Transformation begins when you consistently create space for your creative dreams. Journal writing is a way for creatives to cultivate such a space that allows for their dreams to not only grow but also thrive. 
I first learned about the impact of journaling on my life when I was thirteen. My mom gave me a diary and every day I would write in it, filling each page with the details of my teenage life. Over the years my journals continue to be the place where I'm most free to express myself. It’s where I get to know who I am as a person, a woman, a mother, and a creative. 
My journal is also home to my creative dreams. It’s a place to explore my dreams and everything that's connected to them. The more I'm connected to my dreams, the more I'm inspired to pursue them. The more I pursue them, the more aligned I become with the purpose of my life. 
There are numerous life-changing benefits you experience with a journal writing practice. Over the years my personal transformations as a result of journaling have made a positive impact on my creative life. When I routinely journal several things happen; I'm able to confront my fears, doubts, and ongoing battles with procrastination, I'm empowered to keep moving forward, I become clear about what I want and need to achieve goals, and I learn lessons from my setbacks and failures, and I have a record of my creative journey. 
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