Book Review: Mindset Medicine -A Journaling Power Self-Love Book

I fell in love with journaling when I was 13. It has remained a critical part of my ability to know, understand and connect with myself. Over the years, the practice of journal writing has also helped me deepen how I love and care for myself. Mari McCarthy's latest book, Mindset Medicine, guides readers towards experiencing unconditional self-love through a deep and nourishing journaling practice.

Here are a few things I enjoyed about Mindset Medicine and why it's a beautiful book for anyone desiring to transform their relationship with themselves: 

  1. The book's written style helps readers feel like they're having a personal conversation with Mari. The writing is straightforward, honest, supportive, and empowering. For example, on the opening page of the book, Mari invites readers "... to view this book as an invitation to journey inward and deprogram what you have been conditioned to believe you should be. If you're anything like me or most of the people I know, there is so much power within you that has yet to be fully tapped."

  1. The chapters focus on different areas of a reader's life, such as discovering gifts, establishing boundaries, and practicing gratitude, each necessary for developing a healthy sense of self-love. Another key to developing self-love is self-respect. In chapter 5, Mari writes," You can only develop a lasting and ever-flowing sense of self-respect when you feel unconditional love for yourself."

  1. The prompts that close out each chapter encourage the exploration of self-love from the inside out. Readers are shown the importance of exploring who they are and taking the necessary steps to change their mindsets and lives. For example, in Chapter 10, Mari encourages readers to see themselves as their own heroes and to "make promises to yourself about the wonderful things you are committed to doing to be your own hero."

Mindset Medicine is to be read slowly, allowing time and space to think about the message Mari is sharing before working through the prompts in your journal. I recommend this book to anyone who desires to deepen their relationship with themselves. It's an open invitation for readers to cultivate unconditional self-love through journal writing and connect to what is already within, which is their personal and unique power.


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