Connecting The Dots on Money Anixety

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Money makes me anxious, specifically excess money. After my bills are paid, any money left over causes me to feel uneasy because I'm not always sure what to do with it. I first started to experience this unsettling feeling when I became an adult living on my own and then as a mom of two children. Despite my awareness about money's ability to make me feel this way, it's a topic I've never seriously written about in my journal.

The Seven Days to Money Mastery course is designed to help you explore your relationship with money through the use of journal writing exercises. It also guides you in identifying financial goals and taking the necessary steps towards achieving them. The introductory pages of the course point out that "journaling is a powerful way to come to terms with and work through different kinds of stress in your life, and it is the perfect tool to manage your concerns about money." I decided to take the course because I know my feelings about money are potential blocks to achieving the financial peace I desire in my life. 

I also know my unresolved feelings are the reason why money remains a neglected topic in my journal. At the start of the course, I decided to confront this truth by reading some old journal entries looking for ones that specifically addressed the issue of money. I was only able to find a few random sentences that I'd written over the years. 

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