The Blank Pages

Sometimes it's hard to write.

Sometimes the words that are in your head don't want to be written down.

Sometimes writing makes you confront the things you would rather continue to ignore.

And sometimes, writing the very things you don't want to write about, is what you need to do so issues can be resolved and ultimately healed.

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I couldn’t seem to find it. Store after store, the journal I was looking for just did not seem to exist.
This particular journal I was searching for was going to be dedicated to one topic, the continued pursuit of my writing dreams. I needed a new journal to start the year off, but by February I was still without one.

I love journals. 

But it can't be just any journal. It has to be the right journal.

The right one.

The right size.

The right paper.

The right texture of the paper when I touch it.

The right color.

You know everything has to be "just right" before I can buy it. There has to be something about it that lets me know it is the journal that is supposed to be mine.

And this is why it was not until February that I finally found the right one; a deep red, textured, hard covered journal with blank, bright white, smooth pages. I purchased the journal, took it home and then it just sat on my table for a few weeks. It just sat there. I would look at it, pick it up, turn to the first page with a pen in hand as if I was going to write, but couldn't.

The blank pages were somehow intimidating to me.

Or so I thought. 

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